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ccmcacollister ♡ 31 ( +1 | -1 )
What Chess Book ?! My Question here is; IF you could have a Chess Book (or two or three, even) written, that has not been ... What would it/they be Called or About?
2) Do you prefer reading Chess Books, Online Articles, or a D-Base type format?
[ Or E-Mail Books of Text vs File Downloads perhaps]
ccmcacollister ♡ 27 ( +1 | -1 )
FOR ME ... Would definately like to see 'An Encyclopaedia of Chess Notables; of FIDE, ICCF and Organizers' or 'Who's Who of Chess' more or less ... Chess Hall of Fame!?
Or how about: 'Caissa's Book of World Chess Records' ?! Similar to that other, more misc text of the world in general, and its records ...
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thunker ♡ 40 ( +1 | -1 )
How about.... "The Philospher's Stone"?
It would give the answer to all the ages old secrets, and the secret solution to chess would be but a small part of it....

Or, Perhaps a modern day extention of "The Magus" by Francis Barrett?

Or, more seriously, a book explaining the concept of "chunking" as mentioned in Dr. Hans J Berliner's book "The System". That would be a big help! Outside of "chunking" I found Dr Berliners book to be quite enlightening!
stendhar ♡ 44 ( +1 | -1 )
Random chess I actually don't know if there are any books on this subject, but I doubt it, so I think that a book on this matter would be very readable and quite welcomed. Also while we're on chess variants, I would like to see an opening index and attack strategy book for bughouse chess. I just don't understand why this isn't more popular, as the games resulting are far more exciting than those from casual chess.
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