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ccmcacollister ♡ 109 ( +1 | -1 )
Your opinion on blitz pairings/sportsmanship? I play a lot at at different time controls from 3 mins to 10 usually. And personally, after winning with White, if a guy asks for a rematch (I'll get black in that for sure) then I give it to them if there are no "bad habits"
noted during the first game & I have the time to play again. But some there now, have made it a regular practice that if they get WT the first game, they will not take a Black against you . . . ever. I see it as a rather unsporting case of "try to take your points and run". Maybe I look at it wrongly? I've considered: Well, we both take the chance on colors for the first game. So maybe its fair. But it doesnt particularly feel good to me. Should I start doing the same ...? Right now I just try to avoid them, when I remember. Maybe I'm being unreasonable? So I just really wonder how people at GK see it? And what you do/would do? There ARE things I see there, and elsewhere, that are Much Worse of course. So too bad there's not a "blockout" like our GK Ignore feature (which I've seldom used HERE, but sure would THERE!) }8-)
ormus ♡ 89 ( +1 | -1 )
Internet Blitz There are dingbats all over the internet who do this kind of junk. Yahoo is the worst for that. I don't play there anymore. Try FICS {}: the server randomly selects the colors so you'll get white 50% of the time. The people who only want the white pieces have to ask for it. i.e. seek 5 0 r white, so you can avoid playing them if you wish. People who only want the white pieces are looked down upon pretty much everywhere people get together to play chess, so they're a minority at FICS.

FICS also has a NOESCAPE where players agree that a disconnection = a loss for the disconnected... this sucks when your computer freezes but you gain more than you lose in the long run because there are plently of people out there who 'refuse to lose' and will pull the plug on your rook sac when they figure out they're beat.

spongebob666 ♡ 64 ( +1 | -1 )
There is no white advantage except at high rating levels. Check out the gameknot online database for proof.

Whatever white advantage their may to club players is masked by (1) the fact that people generally know their defenses better then they know all of the possible systems that can arise when they play "e4" or "d4"; and (2) the fact that club players cannot help but frequently make mistakes which trade this level of advantage back and forth like a hot potato, whether they realize it or not.

So this practice doesn't yield any advantage to ratings chasers. Just ignore it.
ormus ♡ 85 ( +1 | -1 )
reply Yeah, I've found that in a lot of cases in club level blitz that not only does white not have an advantage but it is to Black's advantage to Gambit away a pawn because of this {or White's}. It makes absolutely no difference at the club level whether you are black or white or whether you're down a pawn. I find that, in blitz anyway, the open file or diagonal I get for my pawn is usually worth more than the pawn anyways. It's really unlikely that you're opponent is going to go Karpov on you and carry the pawn through 40 moves of flawless middlegame-endgame technique. So, why not gambit??

In other words, so many mistakes are made in blitz games at the club level that it really doesn't matter... you can start your games as white with 1.f3 and 2.Kf2 and still win a good chunk of them.

Good point.
muppyman ♡ 31 ( +1 | -1 )
It seems to me, that if we are interested in seeing sportsmanship, the safest place to look is in our own heart. If I practice sportsmanship then probably a few less people will despise me, and it is entirely up to my opponents to choose either to emulate me or to take advantage of perceived weakness of spirit. Either way it makes no difference to the game of chess.
jjw109 ♡ 651 ( +1 | -1 )
rude blitz play elsewhere and on GK Ccmcacollister brings up a good point in blitz play that I’ve experienced as well including many far worse. The worst I’ve encountered recently on another site ( against a Class A/Expert level player (same as me) and I beat him by time in the first game with even position. Later we played a second game, following a line of the Sicilian, Dragon Variation, Yugoslav Attack, where black (me) loses a pawn following a double knight exchange. It is totally poison however because Black gains a half-file on b, another on c, and though white has the open d-file, Black can easily gain control of it since White's Q is forward of his R. Raking bishops against White's castled Q side add to the punishment. However, in this game, my opponent captured the pawn then promptly sent me a text message to the effect of "Please resign. I have now demonstrated my superior play and have no desire to waste further time with a winning position." This when he had a serious time disadvantage. He then made no additional moves and let the clock run out—a win for me technically but a very frustrating one, as I tried sending him a message telling him the pawn is known to be poison and that regardless it was only a pawn and I had a major time advantage, only to be informed by an automated that he did not accept comments from non-registered users.

While this specific incident was not on Gameknot, I’ve encountered a number of rude players here as well. Actions here have included:

1) Profane language (beyond someone responding like Sh*t! after a blunder) and direct attacks. For example, profane language directed specifically at me—I have always responded to this with a message that I did not appreciate a direct attack and that I would report it to the administrator, who generally issues a serious warning to the player.

2) “Babbling” by simply talking nonsensical jibber-jabber—I had one that talked in his own “alien” language throughout the whole game. It was quite hard to ignore this stream of nonsense coming in adjacent to the game board, although it was somewhat funny. I chose not to report this to the admin, as it’s not bad practice to play around “noise,” e.g., like at a coffee house, but obviously having your opponent babble is quite rude and distracting—imagine Fischer playing a game now with his opponent rambling about a US conspiracy against him!

3) Repetitive comments just to make your system “beep” when the comment line is received—I had one that sent a stream of single letters, e.g., as fast as one can alternately hit the letter and the return key so that a stream of annoying repetitive beeps come through. This obviously interferes with the move-indicator beep.

4) Abandoning games, either immediately after a blunder or worse simply letting the clock run out. It’s like some would rather terminate the internet connection than click the resign button. Granted sometimes the connection fails and an abandonment occurs, but this happens so often that I can’t imagine it’s the connection failing (I have a dial-up connection and have only lost the connection two or three times over weeks of play). ICC has a restore option for disconnected games and many other sites will remove people that intentionally disconnect. Here on GK I’ve had many that repeatedly abandon a game and restart until they are white. I have seen excellent etiquette from some players that do lose their connection by receiving a message apologizing for the loss of connection, some even acknowledging their losing position. This “abandonment” issue is different from those that abandon immediately at the start of the game, as my guess is that some are trying to play a certain player (GK blitz isn’t set up for player to player challenges; it simply pairs the next available player) or that they know the strength of a player and just don’t care to take another beating (though they should realize that they might still learn from a losing effort—I do!).

5) Taking advantage of blitz bugs. (A) Sometimes the GK system won’t let you castle, even though the castle is legal—generally this occurs if the castle is late, say 20 moves or more into the game. I’ve informed the opponent that it won’t let me castle and while some have shown excellent etiquette by making a few dummy moves (toggling a piece back and forth) while I make the necessary moves to get the K and R to their castled position, others have immediately pounced on the opportunity (luckily I’ve been managed to survive each of the onslaughts and pull out a win). (B) GK blitz doesn’t automatically recognize draw by three-fold repetition. (Actually it does but it won’t let you move into the three-fold repeat position rather than giving a flag for draw option.) I’ve sent a text message that the position is technically a draw followed by a draw offer, and generally the opponent accepts it. On a couple of occasions however the opponent sent back a message that it was my problem not theirs!

There are likely many more but these are the main ones I’ve encountered, each multiple times. Some of these are pretty major breaches of etiquette, but perhaps not so much as to suspend someone from playing. I hope that many are kids and just don’t know any better. But is there anything that can be done about it, educating, reporting to admin, improving the blitz site, etc.?

Speaking of improving the GK blitz site, I’d like to see requested match play, list of available games, blitz ratings settings, time variations, etc. Presently GK blitz is wait for the next available opponent, without rating limits or ignore options.

I guess my primary concern is that overall the GK site is superb, but the blitz site is still in beta stages—the blitz interface however is very user friendly and easy to use. There may however be a number of blitz players that are choosing other sites (like me) where you can ignore rude players (at least beyond the first time). So it may be time to put our suggestions to the administrator to make the blitz site as good as the long-play site. There are many, many blitz-only players using GK, and certainly many more like myself that play both turn-based and blitz.
spongebob666 ♡ 39 ( +1 | -1 )
1500 games and never a problem. Well, almost never. I play on FICS or playchess. I'm sure ICC is fine too.

I think the key is that the extra effort involved in downloading an interface (FICS) or purchase of a subscription (ICC) or a code (free with Fritz for Playchess) tends to weed out the worst folks. Playchess also has software designed to catch cheating and seems to ban people fairly regularly.
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snakeplissken ♡ 60 ( +1 | -1 )
rude blitz play on GK Almost all kinds of rude behavior jjw109 has described in his message are wellknown for me from several games on GK. I do not want add additional examples - that would be boring.

I try to ignore such behavior seriously, try to reach a mental state were i keep calm and to get into such a mood, i try to see these sitautions as a kind of training. That works for me in the most cases and i hat the profit that in OTB speed games almost nothing can disturb my concentration.

I like the inteface GK is providing and it would be a fine thing, if it develops to a full featured interface for speed chess and blitz.